Solar Power

Solar Power Your Home For Dummies
Rik DeGunther

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Pages: 387
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Category: Solar Energy
John Wiley & Sons, 2008

Want to take advantage of solar power in your home? Whether you’re looking to save on your energy costs by adding a few solar components or you want to build a solar-powered house from the ground up, Solar Power Your Home For Dummies takes the mystery out of this energy source and shows you how to put it to work for you!

This friendly, hands-on guide is packed with tips for making your home more energy-efficient though solar power—and helping the planet at the same time. You’ll see how to survey your home to determine your current household energy efficiency and use, and evaluate where solar power would best benefit you. You’ll also calculate what the return on your investment will be before you make any decisions. Once you’ve decided on a project, you’ll see whether it’s best to hire a contractor or do it yourself. We leave no stone unturned—you’ll also discover how to:

* Choose and install your best solar system
* Handle small to large solar projects
* Heat and cool your house with solar energy
* Install exterior solar lighting
* Handle swimming pool, water heater, or ventilation solar projects
* Create greenhouses or solar rooms
* Build, buy, or sell a solar home
* Finance your solar investments
* Take advantage of tax rebates and incentives associated with solar power
* Avoid the worst solar mistakes 

Featuring ten of the easiest and cheapest do-it-yourself solar projects, Solar Power Your Home For Dummies is the fun and easy way to meet your energy needs with this clean power source!



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