Green Mind

Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Actress Julia Stiles has designed the first all-green and eco-friendly clothing line. Here she shows off some of her collection.

Regaling in red carpet premieres or night outs has led everyone to attach praiseworthy dresses and suits with designer labels and celebrities adorned in pricy outfits. Trussing in the catwalk in thousand dollar outfits is the hilt of over the top consumerism. Such evolving style has taken out the great wide world into a bunch of followers parading into high fashion. No amount of chunky baubles or hints of brightly colored jumpsuits or dolly laced up shorts can come up with the great clothing ideas such as the likes of Julia’s eco friendly clothing style.

Ignoring the capacity to trust our instincts has given us a reality check with Julia Stiles styles concept. This green living persona has captured an audience of liberal, youthful and adamantly inglorious clothing that is supposedly quirky and sometimes outlandishly funny. If it was not for obvious reasons the rest of the world may run amiss on the way we actually spend on things. We do not have an exact idea on why we go green. It is a controversial move that specifically works on recycling and consuming without the added expense as basis.

The actual and onerous assumptions we make can be based on the fact that we spend more than we use. Our day to day living can actually be keen and be a good example with converting old materials into reusable items. However it may also converge into conserving our natural resources and making our own savvy ways of contributing to society.


Letting go of insecurities is what Julia Stiles’ styles permits. We can let our inhibited and preoccupied versions of ourselves out the window and revisit the practical anonymity of contributing to society. Living green means being in the know of going back to basics. This idea can ultimately shoot up through the roof turning the world upside down. But the mere fact is making a difference out of quirkiness or any amount of frivolity lands a mark in the world we live in.